Job Openings

At Colegio Inglés each person is valued for their distinctive skills and capabilities. Our multicultural workforce enhances the school's ability to continue to excel in an increasingly complex, competitive and diverse world.


Multimedia Teacher (Middle School)


Bachelor degree in Engineer, Bachelor degree in Design, Bachelor degree in Computer Systems


  • Organizes, supervises, and assesses the implementation of the school’s Five Year Technology Plan.
  • Consults with administrators and teachers to plan and implement technology infusion into the curriculum.
  • Advises on matters relating to the school Library System.
  • Plans for staff development services.
  • Coordinates and conducts workshops, gives technical assistance, and previews opportunities in the areas of educational technology including the following: -Technology awareness -Educational applicability of a variety of computer programs -Evaluation and selection of software and hardware -Technological advancements (interactive video, robotics, etc) -Technology program evaluation
  • Develops, coordinates, and manages the educational technology needs, implementing. program services, and monitoring and evaluating service delivery. •Reviews and updates acquisition procedures and plan.
  • Develops a software selection process •Develops and monitors the department budget. •Updates personal technological knowledge and skills.

University of Toronto Time: 4:30 -6:00pm Location: OISE 2nd Floor Room 2296 252 Bloor St West, Toronto, ON
Jan 22, 2018
Toronto, Ontario

Queens University TORF
January 26 - 28, 2018
Kingston, Ontario

UDEM Universidad de Monterrey
October 11 y 12, 2017
Monterrey, Nuevo Léon