CI Life Character Education

Our Character Education program was designed to introduce students to ethical and intellectual principles through developmentally appropriate concepts. This program encourages students to reflect on and demonstrate ethical behavior in their daily activities and interactions, both in and outside of school.

Our specific objectives are to motivate students to make judicious decisions; to assume responsibility for their actions; to contribute to the well-being of individuals and groups; and to respect their own cultural heritage as well as those of others. Enrichment activities consisting of conferences, workshops, and community service initiatives are scheduled throughout the school year.

   Habits of the Heart (Basic Education PS and LE)

Habits of the Heart are attitudes and values that, when practiced, have the potential to enhance childrens self-esteem and to enable them to develop respectful, caring relationships with others. The Habits of the Heart, which are the focus of the Basic Education grades, include respect, honesty, responsibility, caring  and citizenship. The extent to which these values are modeled by the community and integrated in the curriculum is a reflection of the priority that we place on students personal and social development.

   Habits of Mind (Middle Education UE and MS)

Habits of Mind, identified in the research of Dr. Arthur Costa, are intelligent behaviors and dispositions which, when practiced, promote academic, professional and social effectiveness. These Habits are taught explicitly and are implicit in subject area curricula, extra-curricular activities, and daily interactions.
The Habits of Mind include:

  • Persisting
  • Managing impulsivity
  • Listening with understanding and empathy
  • Thinking flexibly
  • Thinking about thinking (metacognition)
  • Striving for accuracy
  • Questioning and posing problems
  • Applying past knowledge to new situations
  • Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision
  • Gathering data through all senses
  • Creating, imagining, innovating
  • Responding with wonderment and awe
  • Taking responsible risk
  • Finding humor
  • Thinking interdependently
  • Remaining open to continuous learning


Promotes personal growth through character building activities, such as the generation meetings and the  social and community service.  Activities that encourage  our  responsibility towards society, respect to our culture and traditions, and the importance of helping others.


This program triggers a change in our lifestyle by fostering an environmental awareness and ecological culture where all CI Community commit to follow the 4 steps: 

  • Become aware 
  • Keep my space clean
  • Use resources wisely
  • Reduce, reuse & recycle

"If I take care of my own space, I help take care of the whole space".


   CIFF( Colegio Inglés Familias en Formación)

CIFF contributes in fostering the Character Education program and its promotion among CI families  through conferences and workshops where parents are able to clarify doubts and share experiences and points of view. CIFF collaborates in developing better families and therefore a better society. 

"Building Strong Families and Good Character: 10 Tips for Parents"

Values for life

Our students experiences in our school's community determine their ability to develop the moral and intellectual strengths that will guide them in becoming responsible citizens of the world.

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