About Us Objectives

Our mission inspires what we are and what we do. To fulfill this mission, our goals encompass these areas:

1. Intellectual and Creative
2. Affective, Ethical, and Social
3. Aesthetic and Physical

These areas are developed through the teaching of a second language in a multi-cultural atmosphere of cooperation and respect in pursuit of a balanced and harmonious life.

Intellectual and Creative
To expand students' intellectual skills through independent and cooperative acquisition of knowledge. To foster students' love of learning; use of knowledge to solve problems; and reflective, critical and creative thinking.

Affective, Ethical, and Social
To develop students' character and responsible behaviors guided by moral values and respect for self, others, and community. To heighten students' value of nature by promoting environmental awareness and responsibility.

Aesthetic and Physical
To enhance students' appreciation of artistic endeavors. To encourage students' physical development through sport activities in pursuit of attitudes and habits which reflect a healthy spirit of competition and teamwork.


Our Mission

To ENGAGE, CHALLENGE, and SUPPORT our students, fostering equilibrium in their lives as they develop in a safe and secure environment.

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