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As a way to promote even more learning and growth, Colegio Inglés provides complementary programs in addition to our established developmental areas of education. These complementary programs are yet another way to help your child become a responsible citizen of the world giving him or her a stronger foundation for the future.

   Community Services

In all Divisions, opportunities are provided for students to become aware of and address the needs of other members of our local, national or international community. For example, faculty and students participate in fundraising campaigns for the Red Cross and Green Cross, collect clothing for needy families, visit children's and nursing homes, and participate in the Rock for Relief concert. In addition, some curricular projects include community service efforts for organizations such as Fundación Luca, Heifer International, or Doctors without Borders.

   Environmental Education

Fostering students' ecological awareness through the curriculum and promoting responsible behavior toward the preservation of our campus and community environments are crucial educational endeavors. To support these goals, special projects are organized throughout the school year, such as campus ecology patrol, recycling campaigns, animal conservation, and park restoration. In keeping with our own interest, Colegio Inglés expects full cooperation of its staff, parents, and students in respecting our policy of smoke-free campus. Colegio Inglés is a registered Green School accredited by Fomento de la Cultura Ecológica (FOMCEC), Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), and the State Board of Education.


Music stimulates language and creativity, allows the expression of feelings and emotions, builds self-confidence, and provides moments of enjoyment and learning.The objective of our program is to develop musical skills in order to provide a balance of body, mind and spirit which will impact students’ overall school performance.The Preschool years are crucial as the child develops a concept of music, gains fundamental skills, and acquires a sensitivity to musical sounds and their beauty. Preschool students have regular musical experiences that lead to satisfaction through success in producing musical sounds, using them enjoyably, and responding to them with pleasure. Elementary and Middle School students continue to develop the skills, understandings, and values that were introduced in the earlier grades with evidence of improved accuracy, facility, and clarity.Students also participate in music through singing, playing instruments, and the enjoyment of listening to different types of music.


The art program provides opportunities for students to communicate visually with aesthetic intent. Students participate in observation, imagination, invention, problem solving, reflection, and decision making as they engage in creative activities utilizing a wide range of artistic techniques and materials.

   Physical Development

These programs stimulate the physical development of students through sports and formative and recreational activities, with the objective of achieving a healthy, balanced and productive life based on the development of values, habits and physical abilities that culminate in the formation of responsible citizens.

    Motor Skills Program

This program develops skills and abilities that help Preschool children reach their full potential. This is done through physical exercises to stimulate sensory areas (visual, auditory, tactile), fine and gross motor coordination, and language development, so that they may achieve their maximum level of academic and physical performance in order to prevent learning difficulties.

   Physical Education

Preschool (KI, KII, PP)
Preschool activities allow students to discover their movement capabilities and stimulate their physical coordination through game and motor skills experiences.

Lower and Upper Elementary (1st 6th)
Lower Elementary students participate in recreational activities and practices with technical bases. This exercise contributes to physical condition and coordination capacities, as well as to the acquisition of cultural values and healthful habits. As students progress through the grade levels, there is increased emphasis on technical and conceptual knowledge.

Middle School (7th-9th)
The program for Middle School students reinforces knowledge of their body and provides them opportunities to apply physical skills, improve technical and tactical understanding and develop precision and complexity in movement. Healthful habits and civic values are also reaffirmed.

    Critical Thinking Skills / Aprende a Pensar (AP)

Aprende a Pensar (AP), a program designed by Dr. Margarita Sánchez, provides students direct instruction in critical thinking skills methodology, focusing on planning, decision-making, communication, and research. The program reinforces the application of deductive and inductive reasoning in order to generate reflective, critical, and analytical thought. The processes promoted by this program are incorporated in learning experiences in all Divisions, and are taught explicitly as of 4th grade by teachers specially trained in delivering this program to students.

   Sexuality Education

Colegio Inglés provides optional sexuality education conferences for students and parents in Upper Elementary and Middle School. These developmentally appropriate conferences promote communication between parents and their children and provide families with information relevant to adolescence.

Programs that help build character

All of our complementary programs are strategically designed to help your children become responsible citizens of the world.

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