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Colegio Inglés is a distinctive community of professionals and parents concerned with providing the finest possible preparation for students' future. Bound by common goals and aspirations, school staff has created an environment where academic achievement is valued, and each child's individual interests are encouraged and rewarded.

When a student needs help, it is provided by a network of concerned professionals. When a student succeeds, these accomplishments are recognized, reinforcing the student's self-esteem. As a result, the school becomes an extension of family. Students explore ideas and feelings within a secure environment, under the guidance of caring adults.

Most students are Mexican nationals. However, an increasingly diverse population of students from other countries such as USA, Japan, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Korea, Canada, Chile, Peru, France, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica and Cuba enriches our global environment.

After our graduates finish high school, the great majority complete university studies in Mexico or abroad. For this reason, we hold our students to high academic standards.

Since most of our students attend Colegio Ingles from Preschool through 9th grade, they become a close-knit community. Students learn to appreciate one another´s unique qualities and skills and take advantage of opportunities to share with and learn from their schoolmates. The relationships that students form during their years at Colegio Ingles last long after they graduate.



An excellent learning environment

Our school provides an inclusive, safe and respectful environment where everyone is part of a family.

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