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In December 2005, we proudly confirmed 35 years of Academic Excellence through one of our most valuable accomplishments as an educational institution, the NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) and the CIS (Council of International Schools) Accreditations. 


In February 2011 after the five year visit, both associations confirmed once again that we are still in good standing within the CIS and NEASC accreditation process. 

These accreditations guarantee that your children attend a school that: 

  • Is part of a growing network of institutions worldwide which are dedicated to providing an education of proven quality in an international context. 
    Is student-oriented.
  • Is devoted to its mission.
  • Maintains a philosophy of education suitable for the students on roll, and encompasses the development of the whole individual. 
    Keeps its promises and promises only what it can deliver.
  • Is constantly seeking to improve its performance in curricular and other areas.
  • Cares enough about what it does to seek validation by a recognized accreditation authority.
  • Is prepared to open its doors periodically to regular evaluation by the school community and by outside experienced evaluators.
  • Plans for the future.

Upon awarding Colegio Inglés accreditation, NEASC and CIS congratulated us for:

  • Our accomplishments throughout the past 35 years, which have earned our school a distinguished level of recognition in the community.
  • The honesty and thoroughness of our self-evaluation during the accreditation process.
  • The integration of all members of our community in the process of developing our current Philosophy and Mission. 
  • The outstanding conditions of our facilities. 
  • The exceptional quality of health and medical services provided to our students.
  • The effectiveness of our teaching-learning process supported by innovative programs such  as the Model United Nations and the "Aprender a Pensar" (Learn to Think) Program.
  • The positive attitude of all our personnel, who carry out their professional responsibilities with commitment and enthusiasm.

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The Rewards of Our Work

NEASC and CIS have confirmed the quality of education that Colegio Inglés has strived to provide since 1970. During the past decades, our school has evolved in order to respond to the needs of our students, the concerns of our families, and the demands of society.

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