CI Life Parents

Colegio Inglés parents are typically highly educated and are determined that their children receive the best education available. Although many parents speak and/or understand English, others communicate only in Spanish. If our international parents do not speak English or Spanish, a translator may assist them in communicating with the school.

We welcome and encourage parents' involvement in their child's education. Parents are invited to share their experience and expertise in classrooms through story telling, as guest speakers, and by arranging field trips relevant to the curriculum. 

As integral members of the school/home partnership, parents are expected to uphold the principles expressed in the school philosophy. They have opportunities to demonstrate their support for their child's progress and achievement by attending Open House, Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences (PTCs), Science Fair, sports tournaments and special student presentations.


Parents can also contribute to the school by becoming members of APAFCI (Asociación de Padres de Familia de Colegio Inglés). APAFCI is responsible for organizing and carrying out major school-wide events such as: Mini Olympics, Christmas Party, Talent Show, Colegio Inglés Fair, Valentine's Brunch, and Teachers' Day Luncheon. Parents may also participate in COVACI (Comité de Valores del Colegio Inglés) through its different sub-comittees: CI Verde, CI Crece and CIFF

APAFCI Board 2020-2022

We invite all parents to participate and collaboarate in the different activities that we carry out during the school year.

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