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The curriculum of Colegio Inglés is guided by its mission, philosophy and objectives. Curriculum programs and plans address our students' academic, social and personal goals, and offer them a challenging learning continuum. Instruction complies with standards proposed by the Secretaría de Educación Pública, National Council of Teachers of English, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Science Teachers Association, National Geography Standards, and National Standards for History.

   Preschool (CET,Kinder I, Kinder II, Preprimary)

In the Preschool Division, learning is experiential and immerses our youngest students in an environment that supports their acquisition of English language skills. The curriculum focuses on pre-reading, phonics, pre-writing, and oral language development. Mathematics and science concepts are also introduced in this Division. In addition, music, art, and physical education are integrated into the curriculum.

   Lower and Upper Elementary (1st-6th)

The Lower and Upper Elementary Divisions provide a firm foundation in basic skills and problem solving abilities. Students continue to develop their English language skills through fiction and non-fiction reading, creative and expository writing, conversation and public speaking, grammar, and spelling. English is also the medium of instruction for mathematics, science, technology, and art. Spanish language skills, social studies, music, physical education and critical thinking skills are taught in Spanish.

Classroom learning is complemented by field trips to museums, concerts, parks, or businesses. Students also have opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge as they engage in projects that incorporate curricular objectives, relate to real-world issues and encourage community service involvement.

   Middle School

The Middle School curriculum is designed to encourage students to accept responsibility for their learning, to welcome challenges and to maintain a spirit of inquiry. The Middle School Division provides students increased opportunities to apply the basic skills that they acquired in the Elementary Divisions, and to explore their varied academic and personal interests. Courses in which students continue to refine their English language skills include English language arts, algebra, biology, physics, chemistry, world history, world geography, current events, Model United Nations, art, and technology. Spanish skills are reinforced as students take courses in Spanish language arts, history and geography of México, history and geography of Nuevo León, civics, critical thinking skills, and physical education.

Middle School students also broaden their involvement in their community through field trips to local, national and international locations and through community service projects. These projects provide students opportunities to become aware of societal conditions and needs, and to understand their responsibilities to contribute to the general welfare of their community.

Our Offer

Colegio Ingles curriculum is intended to provide students the opportunities to master the concepts, content, skills and strategies that will contribute to their success at higher levels of education and in their personal endeavors.

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