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Monterrey is considered land of progress, history, and tradition. We offer a variety of attractions and natural beauty set within the grandeur of our signature mountains. The state of Nuevo Leon is a palate of different landscapes, delicious gastronomy, top-notch tourist services, culture, and cosmopolitan architecture as well as places where tourists and visitors of all ages can enjoy themselves. We are proud of our city, and we invite you to mingle with our people, get to know our customs, and live within the natural beauty that graces the region.

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Where to Eat

RANGE $ - $20 usd $$- $35 usd $$$ - $50 usd $$$$ - $75 usd $$$$$ - more

Casa Grande
Vasconcelos #152
$$$ 8338-6044
 El Papalote
Río Manzanares #313 
Nikori Sushi
Río Caura #366
$$  83355392 
Super Salads    $ 8335-1245 
La Gran Muralla 
Av. Roble #545 
 $$ 8335-5333  
Las Alitas
Río Mississipi #218


 $ 8356-8063
Rio Orinoco #185
 La Bonne
Rio Caura #366
French (Crepe)
 Dominos Pizza
Mon-Sun  8363-3126 













You can also visit for information on more restaurants and delivery services.


Shopping Mall Plaza Fiesta San Agustin
Av. Real San Agustin #2222
350 Stores, restaurants and movie theaters 
Mon-Sun 10-20 hrs.

Galerías Valle Oriente
Lázaro Cárdenas #1000
200 stores, restaurants and movie theaters
Mon-Sun 11-21 hrs. 

Paseo San Pedro
Av. Vasconcelos #402
350 stores, restaurants and movie theaters
Mon-Sun 10-21 hrs.

Plaza San Pedro
Av. Humberto Lobo
Mon-Sun 10-20 hrs.

Galerías Monterrey
Insurgentes #2500 Pte.
More than 200 stores
Mon-Sun 11-21 hrs.

Arts and Crafts
Hecho a Mano Plaza Fiesta San Agustin
Huichol Art, rugs, clay lamps, color glass and more
Mon-Sun 10-20 hrs.

UPS Plaza Fiesta San Agustín
Souvenirs and gifts
Mon-Sun 10-20 hrs.

Padre Mier #817, Barrio Antiguo
The best tequila store in the city, books and more.
Mon-Sun 10-20:30 hrs.


Almost all movie theaters have 10 show rooms. Cheap night is Wednesday and you can usually get into the movies for half price. (All movies are in English with subtitles in Spanish) You can check out the movie times of the main theaters in the following links:

Athletic Activities

Join a gym - (There are many to choose from. In Centrito Valle you´ll find Pitbull (for guys), Fibra and Advance Training; to the favorite ones) Biking - San Pedro around Lomas Del Campestre (park on Alfonso Reyes) and Calzada del Valle and Calzada San Pedro. Skating - (Roller blades) same area as the biking and "Rufino Tamayo" park on Fundadores Avenue. Ice Skating - Paseo San Pedro Mall and Plaza San Pedro Mall Jogging - same area as skating. Chipinque - our local mountain where you can bike, roller blade and hike. Camping at Rufino Tamayo park - down by Fundadores avenue (a river goes right through it) Football games - The local football teams are:

•Tigres (Estadio Universitario)

•Rayados (Estadio TEC)
*Tickets for football games are around $200 pesos aprox.

You can check for concerts, sports, theater, cultural, family or special events at:


Must See

El Centro de la Ciudad (Downtown) The Macro Plaza is definitely the highlight of Monterrey. El Faro de Comercio, located in a predominant area of the plaza, is the tallest monument in Mexico. Almost every night a red light beam at the top of the tower illuminates the city in circles of light, creating interesting visual effects, especially when aimed toward the mountains.

Pony Tail Waterfall Cola de Caballo (pony tail) is the name given to a majestic waterfall of 25 meters in height. Its shape is similar to a pony tail. Visitors can walk, or ride horses, to where the waterfall is located an enjoy picnic areas and food stands located through the area.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo - Contemporary Art Museum Representing the most outstanding Latin American and international contemporary art, this museum has distinguished itself through the years for being a plural space for diverse artistic expressions such as plastic arts, literature, music, film, video and dance, turning it since 1999, in one of the most important cultural centers in Latin America.

Mexican History Museum Mexican History Museum opened in 1994. It has three levels, in which there are three temporary exhibition and permanent one. This museum offers a bread sequence of Mexico´s history. Inside you can find a cafeteria, library, video library, auditorium and an audiovisual hall.

A visit during the daytime allows visitors to admire the magnificent colonial architecture of Monterrey from the 1890´s. This neighborhood includes many popular restaurants and coffee shops. It is well known for its nightlife with many bars and night clubs.

Steel Mill Park A place where history and modernity fuse together. The site of the former company "Monterrey´s Steel and Iron Mill" is today an industrial archeology site museum that invites us to get to know a vital piece of the development of Monterrey. Established in 1900, the Steel mill occupied a determining place in Monterrey and Mexico´s industry. It closed its doors as a steel mill in 1986 and two years later reopened as "Steel Mill Park"

Located in the downtown area of the city, it's an artificial river that originates under the commemorative Plaza of the 400 years of the foundation of Monterrey, and imitates the old water flow originally found by the city's first settlers. You can walk the area or take a pedal boat ride and visit the bars and restaurants and the open air theatre.

Bishop's Home Regional Museum of Nuevo Leon that exhibits historic artifacts. There is an excellent view from one of the oldest buildings. There is also a great lookout point at the top of the mountain where a monumental Mexican flag is located.

Alfa Planetarium Opened in 1978, it was created to promote scientific, technologic and artistic development. Among its facilities the Universe Pavilion outspends, which houses the stained glass of the same name, a creation by Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo a complex high-tech Observatory, a science garden, a pre/Hispanic garden, an open birdhouse and an IMAX screen theater, where moviegoers get the sensation of being inside the movie.

García Caverns This interesting site is located 45 min. from Monterrey along the Saltillo highway. The spectacular Garcia Caverns were discovered in 1843, and they are approximately 60 million years old. This can be an exciting day trip.

A natural reservation that offers excellent conditions to practice mountain bike riding, hiking, rock climbing and free-flying among other sports.


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