International Hiring - Working at Colego Ingles

Working at Colegio Inglés Teachers Hired at International Recruiting Fair (Canada) will be eligible to the following:


The Teacher will receive: Mexican National Health System (Seguro Social IMSS) which is public, and provides free medical care. An accident Policy covering school-day and trips to and from home to place of employment. Private doctors and/or doctor's appointments have a fee ($60 USD Approximately).


The School provides housing for Overseas Hired International Teachers only. The Teacher will share a house or apartment with four of five other teachers. A complete home furnishing set is available in the house which includes: furniture, appliances, kitchenware, local telephone calls, electricity, gas, water, internet service, cable TV service and maintenance. (See house pictures).


The School will refund a round-trip tourist economy airfare ticket. Extra luggage or flight changes will be covered by the teacher. If the teacher shall travel by land, Colegio Inglés will reimburse all travel expenses such as gasoline and hotels.


The School will give the Overseas Hired International Teacher transportation from the teacher's house to the school and back. The teacher will have transportation for grocery shopping every Friday afternoons upon request. The school will provide transportation to the airport, on Christmas vacations at the end of the school year.


The school will cover all expenses at Immigration Offices in order to obtain a VISA / Work Permit. SPANISH Lessons. The School will provide basic Spanish lessons for new Teachers. For more specific information please contact:


Norma Guerra M. Ed
Human Resources Head

Tel.+ 52(81) 8262-1776+ 52(81) 8262-1776

University of Toronto Toronto, ON
Toronto, Ontario

Queens University TOPS Teachers Overseas Placement Services
ONLINE - All year
Kingston, Ontario

UDEM Universidad de Monterrey
Monterrey, Nuevo Léon