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Alice Mattenberger 9B
Memories in the past 12 years have been amazingly important and memorable to me. A big part of my life has been grown in this school, my personality, strategies, efforts, and feelings have been developed in the buildings of Colegio Ingles. Every teacher, every classmate, every memory has been a pleasure to live. Every moment has been definitely as wished and planned. The feelings and happiness experienced throughout the years have become stronger each year, but now it’s time to let go, and continue our separate lives giving the best of us. Every skill, everything learned, will be used in the future for us to reach our goals. It’s time to look in the future, don’t cry or feel bad because it’s over, smile because it happened, every moment we gladly lived and loved in Colegio Ingles, moments that will never be forgotten. So this is just the beginning of a new stage in life, a different one, and a better one. Thank you Colegio Ingles for giving the best of you and sharing these amazing 12 years with us.


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