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CI Teachers

Colegio Inglés staff, composed of local and foreign certified teachers, participate in training programs in México and abroad. Their diverse background and cosmopolitan view enrich the institution.

Teachers are highly committed to the school’s philosophy. They actively seek out students’ unique characteristics, motivating them to take full advantage of their strengths and to develop new skills and interests. An important outgrowth of the close teacher/student/parent relationship is trust. Students and parents look upon teachers as allies in education.

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Council of
International Schools (CIS)

Since December 2005, we are proudly accredited by CIS. The CIS accreditation granted to our school has helped in fostering excellence through an international peer review. The accreditation has also provided recognition for delivering high quality programs which are centered on our school’s objectives, while adhering to and meeting the demanding standards of CIS.
Council of International Schools

New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

Since December 2005, we are proudly accredited by NEASC. This accreditation guarantees our school’s high quality and integrity. The accreditation indicates that we have conducted a rigorous, comprehensive self-assessment of our institution, and have hosted a visiting team of peer reviewers to evaluate and validate our school’s alignment with the standards of NEASC.
New England Association of Schools and Colleges