Technology Integration

The school recognizes the potential of technology to change education and improve student learning. Since teachers are instrumental in successful technology implementation, hands-on training for groups and individuals is offered. The training focuses on instructional and administrative technology applications and technology integration in lesson planning and delivery. Throughout their school life students are exposed to emergent technology integrated in academic content. Technology hardware and software available in all Divisions are an integral element of the teaching-learning process.

Technology tools are an integral element in all academic disciplines and instructional approaches. They help students learn from sources beyond the classroom. Within the curriculum framework, activities that integrate technology allow students to pursue their interests. The technology resources support their efforts to explore various topics, gather information, represent understandings and concepts, and communicate their learning and observations to a global audience.

The combination of the GRR Framework and these teaching techniques will go a long way in providing appropriate instruction that can help our students reach their independence in learning and life.

Sci-Tech Labs

The Sci-Tech lab provides students an opportunity to become autonomous in their learning. Teachers monitor and mediate various steps of the learning process. The program guides students in solving challenges for which they learn how to research, experiment, and discover different fields of science like biology, chemistry, physics, and life science.

The lab is adapted to work independently or in small groups. Intrinsic motivation is essential to complete each task effectively; it is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their organizational skills, note-taking abilities, and problem-solving strategies, among other talents and proficiencies.

Lecture sessions are ideal for clarifying common doubts and teaching concepts needed in future tasks. Every opportunity should be taken advantage of as a joint system of learning and transference of knowledge.

Multimedia Labs

We empower students through technology by connecting and collaborating globally, increasing their confidence and comfort with the topic and the learning environment as they become creators of their knowledge

1:1 @CI

Our 1:1@CI Macbook and iPad programs lead and expand students’ experiences and improve their productivity by enhancing learning outcomes.

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Council of
International Schools (CIS)

Since December 2005, we are proudly accredited by CIS. The CIS accreditation granted to our school has helped in fostering excellence through an international peer review. The accreditation has also provided recognition for delivering high quality programs which are centered on our school’s objectives, while adhering to and meeting the demanding standards of CIS.
Council of International Schools

New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

Since December 2005, we are proudly accredited by NEASC. This accreditation guarantees our school’s high quality and integrity. The accreditation indicates that we have conducted a rigorous, comprehensive self-assessment of our institution, and have hosted a visiting team of peer reviewers to evaluate and validate our school’s alignment with the standards of NEASC.
New England Association of Schools and Colleges