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Student Services

Day Care

Day Care Service is available to support parents who need the supervision of their Preschool children before and after school hours.

Cafeteria & Lunch Services

The cafeteria provides meals and snacks to the school community. Students may buy food in the cafeteria directly or through bank deposits for lunch or after-school activities. Monthly menus are available at CI Portal.


Service is under the responsibility of a doctor (pediatrician) and a nurse. The purpose of this department is to serve students immediate attention in case of illness or accidents that may occur at school facilities. The doctor/nurse provides first aid, serving simple health needs and emergencies.
The following services are provided
First aid attention includes painkillers, aspirins, cough syrups, antacids, etc. The doctor/nurse will contact parents for authorization before administering any medication.
Checking temperature
Checking blood pressure.
The following services are NOT provided:
Give or prescribe medication. Under no circumstances can doctor/nurse, teacher, or staff, administer medication to students. Parents may administer prescribed medication during school hours. Coordinator must be contacted for authorization.
Follow-up treatments.
Specialized medical care.
Treatment of injuries or illnesses that occurred outside the school premises.

School Accident Insurance Policy

Colegio Inglés has an Accident Insurance Policy that covers students during the journey from home to school; activities within the school; and local or national social, cultural, and sports events in which the student represents the school. The doctor or nurse will inform parents about the procedure for making a complaint. The insurance company shall be solely responsible for any claim.

Student Uniforms

CI Uniform Code is in effect all school year. Students must attend school with a complete uniform and are responsible for maintaining the requirements throughout the school day. Uniforms should be in good condition and marked with complete name. Uniforms are available at the Encino Campus Uniform Store & Online Store.


  • The use of CI uniform is optional for Nursery students. However, the use of CI Apron is mandatory.
  • KI – PP students will wear the PE Uniform on a daily basis.

All students must:  

  • Wear daily uniform only with CI sweater.
  • Wear PE uniform only with CI jacket and/or CI sweatshirt.
  • Maintain a neat appearance: short hair (boys), clean shoes and tennis shoes, daily shirts and / or blouses tucked in at all times.
  • Have uniforms marked with complete name.
  • Wear only 100% white undershirts. 

During winter season (November through February) students may wear:  

  • CI track pants, CI sports shirt and CI sports jacket and/or CI sweatshirt on a daily basis.
  • White t-shirt or white turtleneck under the CI shirt or blouse.
  • White tights for girls.
  • Jacket or coat on top of their complete CI uniform including CI jacket and/or CI sweatshirt.
  • Appropriate winter accessories.

  • CI Skirt
  • CI White Blouse (always tucked in)
  • 100% Black Shoes with heels no higher than 5cm, including a platform no higher than 3cm.
  • 100% white knee-high socks
  • CI Navy Blue Sweater
  • CI Navy Blue Vest (optional)

  • Dark Gray Slacks
  • CI White Shirt (always tucked in)
  • 100% Black Shoes or tennis shoes
  • Visible black, white or gray socks
  • CI Navy Blue Sweater
  • Black Belt:
    • Basic Ed. – Optional
    • Middle Ed. – Mandatory

  • CI White Sports Shirt
  • CI Shorts (KI – 6th)
  • CI Track Pants and Sports Jacket (KI – 9th)
  • CI Sweat Shirt
  • Visible White Socks
  • White Tennis Shoes (90% White)


  • CI White T-Shirt (Short Sleeves)
  • CI Navy Blue Short
  • CI Navy Blue Sport Suit
  • Navy Blue Socks
  • Black Spikes


  • CI White T-Shirt (No Sleeves)
  • CI Navy Blue Short
  • CI Navy Blue Sport Suit
  • White Socks



  • CI White T-Shirt (Short Sleeves)
  • CI Navy Blue Short
  • CI Navy Blue Sport Suit
  • White Socks

Technology Support

Colegio Inglés has a technology infrastructure that provides various services, including hardware, software, network access, communication systems, printers, and personal computers. 

Support is provided to students during school hours in troubleshooting software difficulties. This service is given only to school equipment assigned to staff and to students’ laptops & iPads registered in the 1:1@CI program.

Bus Service

Parents interested in bus service may contract directly with an outsourcing company. For bus service provider contact School Information Office. The Conduct Code applies to both Arrival-Dismissal System bus service.

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Council of
International Schools (CIS)

Since December 2005, we are proudly accredited by CIS. The CIS accreditation granted to our school has helped in fostering excellence through an international peer review. The accreditation has also provided recognition for delivering high quality programs which are centered on our school’s objectives, while adhering to and meeting the demanding standards of CIS.
Council of International Schools

New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

Since December 2005, we are proudly accredited by NEASC. This accreditation guarantees our school’s high quality and integrity. The accreditation indicates that we have conducted a rigorous, comprehensive self-assessment of our institution, and have hosted a visiting team of peer reviewers to evaluate and validate our school’s alignment with the standards of NEASC.
New England Association of Schools and Colleges